My Joolz Day doesn’t ride as smoothly as it used to. How is this possible?

If your Joolz pushchair seems not to ride and steer as comfortably as it used to, it’s probably necessary to check the wheels and tires.

Like car wheels the wheels of your Joolz stroller should be at the right pressure to ride comfortably. Then, you will sustain less wear of the tires and have a smaller chance of getting a flat tire. The correct pressure for your Joolz Day wheels is: 28 P.S.I (2 bar).

To enjoy the Joolz pushchair without any problems, our advice is to regularly perform a few basic check ups:
– Make sure you clean the chassis with regular car wash, this substance can also be used to eradicate small, superficial flaws and imperfections.
– With the assistance of a bit of Teflon spray all the moving parts of the Joolz pushchair will keep running smoothly.
– Make sure you clean the wheels and tires when you come back from a visit to the woods or beach. Salt has a bad influence on the metals of the Joolz pushchair.

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