When is warranty not applicable?

Our warranty does not cover:

(1) Defects caused by ordinary wear and tear, such as worn wheels and fabrics by everyday use, scratches on the aluminium and/or metal and natural discolouration of materials over time or by not following the maintenance instructions

(2) Damage to wheels such as holes and tears

(3) Damage caused by accidents, improper use, negligence, fire, contact with liquids or another external cause

(4) Damage resulting from non-compliance with the instruction manual, instruction movies or other Joolz guidelines

(5) Damage caused by another product, including accessories

(6) Damage by service or repair by an unofficial representative of Joolz

(7) Theft

(8) Air transportation or freight damage


This warranty is limited to consumer – buyers of the product for their personal use, personal family or household purposes. This warranty does not extend to unauthorized purchasers of the product intended for resale or for purchasers who intend to use this product for commercial use such as rental of the product to others.

The warranty only applies when the product is bought at an authorized dealer or via our official webstore,  and when a completed and  correctly filled in warranty card and original proof of purchase can be supplied.

Did you receive your Joolz as a gift? Please be sure to ask for the receipt, as we cannot provide service without proof of purchase.

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